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In Wisdom in Leadership Craig Hamilton shares what he has learned through many years of being a student of the Bible and theology; a discerning reader of books on leadership; a keen observer of life and the way things work; and a loving leader of the people God has placed around him.
This book is a goldmine of helpful insights for pastors and anyone else with leadership responsibilities in their church. With 78 chapters covering an extensive range of topics, this may well be the only book on church leadership you'll ever need to read.
Wisdom in Leadership lays down foundational principles in the opening chapters, and then provides a comprehensive array of practical applications on a wide variety of topics. It is not necessarily the sort of book you will read from cover to cover but, having read the principles, you will find yourself helpfully dipping into the various practical chapters as you have time and feel the need.


Why God becoming human is so shocking, so necessary and so life-changing.
Made Man is an engaging dive into the intricacies of God remaining God
while becoming fully man:
​what happened,
why it happened, how it happened,
and what’s happening now.


Christian ministries want to grow—they rightly desire to see more and more people following the Lord Jesus as his faithful disciples.

And that’s why leadership matters: good leaders multiply disciple-making ministry.

Yet so many churches and other ministries struggle with leadership, and poor leadership so often massively hinders their growth.

In his first book, Wisdom in Leadership, Craig Hamilton provided a treasure trove of helpful wisdom for leaders on a multitude of topics. Now, in Wisdom in Leadership Development, he sets out a leadership pipeline and framework that will help any ministry—big or small—to better understand the various layers of leadership required and to deploy leaders who, under God, will expand the quantity and effectiveness of the ministry being done.

This book is a must for all ministry leaders.

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