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We're so excited to be continuing our journey as leaders together in 2024 - because there's always more to learn, and plenty of room to grow!

This year our focus will be on:

'Building Leaders with Vision'

If we want to lead our people from where they are, to where we believe they should be - how do we do that?

How do we have clarity about where we're headed?

Why is it important?

HOW do we even grow the skills and mindset necessary for effective vision?

We'll be learning things that will be helpful for people at ALL leadership levels.

Top leader level. Frontline leaders. Volunteers. Staff. Churches. Schools. Christian environments & non-christian environments.

HUSTLE is for every leader.



Give it to me straight.


August 09 - 10th 2024

  • Friday August 09th / 10am - 3:30pm

  • Saturday August 10th / 10am - 4:30pm


Kellyville Anglican Church

45 President Rd,

Kellyville NSW 2155.

 What's   the   cost? 

There are a range of prices for Hustle to help keep it affordable for everyone to come!

Super Cheap / $109 pp

This rate is for Bible College students, trainees, interns, as well as Kellyville Anglican & Pitt Town parishioners!

Standard Group / $179

Groups of five or more who register from June.

Standard Individual / $199

Individuals registered from June.


If you’re not sure which role to register for or if finances are a concern for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to help you.



Here's why HUSTLE.

As leaders of Christian ministry, we face common problems. Not enough leaders, not enough time, too much stress and feeling like you don’t really know how to grow this ministry and the Kingdom. You want to, but you don’t know where to start, how to get better and you’re feeling downright exhausted. Sometimes we get to the point where all we can muster is ‘getting it done’ when we’d love to be able to go deep in the Bible and raise strong, passionate and capable leaders.

Even though this can leave us frustrated, trapped or feeling like giving up - we don’t need to stay in this place. We can grow in our leadership ourselves and help our teams to grow as well.

Hustle Conference is our chance to learn together and continue to grow in leadership. It’s a chance to set aside some time to stop and think about leadership things, to read bible things and to hear from people who have worked hard on making these two things sing sweet music together.

At the risk of filthy self-promotion, I’ve literally read hundreds of leadership books and have gone on to write two books on leadership and leadership development, as well as a book on the theology of the incarnation. I’m into both theology AND leadership, and have had leaders running large areas of ministry responsibility across numerous ministry areas! I know you can do this too and am excited to share things with you to help you on your way.

So, if you’re a leader in Christian ministry, be it church based, school based, university based, hospital based… and you want to learn how to develop your leadership in a biblically faithful way, then this is the conference for you! Come along and we’ll get you thinking, developing and understanding so that you can lead, train, serve and not suck. :)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Craig 🙂


And why should I listen to them?




Craig Hamilton became a Christian in junior high school and thinks Jesus is easily the most impressive person he has ever met.

Craig graduated from Moore Theological College in 2007 and started serving as a youth minister with the people at Glenmore Park Anglican. He is passionate about serving alongside and equipping teams, and at Glenmore Park he oversaw leadership development, small groups, welcoming & integration, children, youth and young adult ministries.


Craig is currently serving as the Senior Minister at Pitt Town Anglican Church. Along with his wife, and a whole heap of people, he hopes to reach the community with the message of Jesus.

Craig is gifted with the ability to synthesise complex truths and loves helping pastors grow in their leadership and theology.

We asked Craig what he most enjoys doing on his day off and he said he loves to eat KFC and wear colourful sneakers.

Gary Millar has been Principal of Queensland Theological College (where he teaches Old Testament, biblical theology, and preaching) since 2012. A Northern Irishman, Gary is married to Fiona, a Scot born in Peru of missionary parents, and they have three adult daughters. Before moving to Australia, he was a pastor for 17 years.  He has written books on reading the Bible, getting going and keeping growing in the christian life, prayer and preaching,  as well as commentaries on Deuteronomy, Kings and 2nd Corinthians. He’s currently working on Jeremiah. Gary loves spending time with Fiona, is really passionate about following Jesus, preaching that changes people's lives and quite passionate about Manchester United, the Ireland Rugby Team and the Queensland Reds, golf, cricket, great movies and spicy food.



What will we actually be doing?



Arrive for rego & coffee

SESSION ONE: Singing, Bible teaching, Singing, Leadership Chats

Lunch (We’ll have this for you onsite)

SESSION TWO: Leadership Session

Foyer Time (aka a brain break)

SESSION THREE: Leadership Session

Home time!

Day Two will conclude at 4.30pm allowing for an extra session at the end with an Interview and Q & A.



The really important questions.

Sure will be!

We will provide tea/coffee and snacks on arrival, lunch each day and afternoon snacks and beverages again.


When you arrive at the conference you will be given a coffee card which entitles you to two coffees a day! What?! Yep - two coffees! One for when you arrive and then one in the afternoon. But you could have them both when you arrive if you want! Don’t let Big-Conference dictate what you can do!

If you have any dietary requirements please be sure to note them on your registration form. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about this. 🙂



Where we're going, we still need roads...

If you’re planning on coming by train, simply travel to Bella Vista Metro train station and then you have about a 17 minute walk according to Google.

If you’re planning on driving, there is parking onsite and also in the surrounding streets.


Things happen.

If something happens in your life that stops you from being there in person, simply contact us by emailing and we’ll take care of you. We don’t want anyone to miss out if they don’t have to, but we also know that sometimes it just can’t happen. 🙂



The final things
  • You might like to know that there will be a bookshop available during the conference where you’ll be able to get your hands on Craig’s books, along with other wonderful leadership reading material and wearable merch too.

  • You also might like to know that this is just the second time Hustle Conference has ever happened and it’s going to be great!

  • You might like to know that during the conference you’ll be served by people from Pitt Town Anglican Community Church, as well as some  other amazing volunteers.

  • You might like to know that we suggested a dance competition to Craig and he was NOT keen. 😂

If you’ve read all of this info, firstly well done!


Secondly, if you’ve got more/other questions then please email us at so we can let you know what the go is, or so we can work out what the go is. 

Be at peace! See ya at Hustle!

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